2013 - #20 - Arrow Group of Companies Inc.

This recruitment firm focuses on two main areas. One is, of course, recruitment, both temporary‰ÛÓsuch as for administrative support, maternity leaves and vacation leaves‰ÛÓand permanent. As well, Arrow has diversified into market research; this manifests itself in such ways as conducting surveys of clients‰Ûª employees. This mix of services has yielded a diverse client base, from very small businesses to Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot. Arrow also has many clients beyond the private sector, including its biggest customer: the federal government.

Company Profile

Founded 2007
Chief Executives Sam Ibrahim & Shaemin Ukani
Head Office Toronto
Stock Ticker


Company Financials

5-Year Growth (%) 2,414
Reporting Curency CAD
Exports as % of Sales 0
Employees 2012 174
Revenue 2012 ($): 10-20 million


HR services indusrty 1/28
Region 8/187


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