3 Basic Tools for Your Sales and Marketing Staff

How a global brand stays on top of its business

Written by Andrew Brown & Robert Gold

Part of Michael Murphy’s job as vice-president and country manager at Citrix Systems is to seek out markets with the biggest potential for the global brand to sell into. In this week’s episode of the PROFIT BusinessCast, host Robert Gold asks Murphy what specific tools help keep Citrix on top of its business.

Murphy’s top three:

  1. A web-based CRM tool for sales forecasting and opportunity management. The company uses SAS software to track and report potential customers. They use social computing site Podio internally to generate form dashboards that staff can use to keep on top of leads. Platforms like this allow Citrix to do more collaborative marketing rather than sending around email after email.
  2. Spreadsheets. “No matter how automated and web- or cloud-based a company is today, I think reliance on spreadsheets is still pretty heavy,” says Murphy.
  3. Third-party reports. Murphy consumes a lot of industry publications and magazines, whether they focus on the Canadian channel, the Canadian technology space or business in general. “The information and metrics [in these publications] helps trend our actions,” he says.

Murphy also shares his lessons for leaders of other fast-growing companies looking to hone their sales infrastructure. Most important: work from the customer back not the other way around. “People get caught up in their own vision of how things should be done rather than what the customer actually wants them to be and how to satisfy those customers,” says Murphy.

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Originally appeared on PROFITguide.com