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Social Venture: HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant Inc.

Meet the AIR MILES® for Business Small Business Achievement Awards 2017 Social Venture

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The mantra “Do well by doing good” can not only be good for business, but for creating opportunity as an entrepreneur. Rhonda Doram had been assisting her beloved grandmother with small chores that helped to keep her living independently while, at the same time, taking the pressure and worry off Doram’s own mother. Doram was soon providing the same service for her elderly neighbours and their friends.

Options for these seniors were generally limited to live-in caregivers or residences that were excessive for their simple needs like collecting and putting away groceries, taking recycling to the curb and scheduling medical appointments. Doram was assisting them in the evenings and weekends while also providing much-appreciated friendship and conversation.


Their “Grandma Approved” services really fit a need in an area that is a growing concern for families. Providing care for independent living seniors through affordable assistance has such a positive impact on all areas of the community from the healthcare system to these well-deserved individuals who benefit greatly from these services.

“But I started wishing that I felt as fulfilled in my day job as I did helping them,” she recalls. That is when she realized her good deeds could be more than that and potentially work as an actual business that provides non-medical home support service to the independent elderly.

Launched as a solo-prenuer in 2008 and incorporated as HoneyDo Lifestyle Assistant in 2014, today its pool of “Grandma Approved” assistants help more than 100 clients (and growing!). “We’re the bridge for someone who is still living alone but recognizes they need some occasional or regular support,” points out Doram, who uses the catchy slogan “Age in Place” to position the company’s offering.

Doram, 48, says her social venture feels especially good after a 20-year corporate career in customer service. In fact, it is her devotion to her customer that has differentiated HoneyDo from competitors.

“Besides my Granny as my mentor, a part of what keeps me inspired is how some people in the industry strive to help elderly people at their most vulnerable, yet don’t try to get to know them. That breaks my heart,” she says. “We build a relationship and trust with them. If all they need is for someone to fold their laundry and look through their photo albums with them, that is what we’re happy to do.”

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