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Do you still need an MBA to be a business success? In a world saturated with capable people armed not only with MBAs, but also a host of other credentials, many have to wonder if two years of your life and up to $80,000 will get you on the right track. Fortunately, Canadian Business’s 21st annual MBA Guide has the data to help you decide—from the amount of money you could earn post-degree to the wide variety of courses and streams you can choose from, and the places where you can pursue your degree.

In “Are MBAs still relevant? three deans debate the utility of business school education. Richard Warnica’s profile of Dezsö Horváth shows why thinking globally made him Canada’s longest-serving dean of an MBA school. And “Head of the (asset) class examines how some schools are allowing students to manage real amounts of money—lots of money.

Contemplating which program to attend by thumbing through our comprehensive MBA and EMBA surveys or comparing the schools in our lists? Then take a moment to check out some of these institutions’ fine architecture in our Extreme Makeover gallery. After all, if you’re going to devote yourself to years of intense study, you might as well do it in elegant surroundings.




MBA Survey
Survey: Complete Guide to MBAs

It’s one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Our 21st annual Canadian MBA survey has the information you need to pick the perfect program.

MBA List List: Comparing business programs

We stack up the MBA schools and compare tuition, length of program, percentage of female students and many more variables.


Are MBAs still relevant?
Are MBAs still relevant?

The MBA isn’t really about ‘business’ or ‘administration’ anymore. So what is it for? Canadian Business sat down the deans of three business schools to find out.


The world is not enough

After 24 years at Schulich, Dezsö Horváth is Canada’s longest-serving business school dean. He didn’t get there by thinking small.


Canada's EMBA programs
Head of the (asset) class

A growing number of MBA programs are putting their students in charge of investing real money—and lots of it.


Canada's EMBA programs
Student profile: The farmer

Wendy Hogarth of the University of Guelph wants to make cottage-country bloom.


Canada's EMBA programs
Student profile: The doctor

At the DeGroote School of Business, Deepika Lobo found the best backup plan.


Canada's EMBA programs
Student profile: The linebacker

Ex-CFLer Javier Glatt is taking his best football skills—including leadership—into the boardroom.


Canada's EMBA programs
Student profile: The soldier

Maj. Nevenka Bruic uses problem-solving skills learned at the Shannon School of Business while she’s serving in Afghanistan.


Canada's EMBA programs
Student profile: The politico

Duncan Fulton missed getting a degree while climbing political and corporate ladders, so he’s catching up at the Richard Ivey School of Business..


Canada's EMBA programs
Student profile: The Adventurer

Athabasca University’s Paul Norrie maintained a delicate balancing act between the books and the slopes.