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The top 10 Super Bowl ads Canadians are watching on YouTube

41% of Canadians go looking for American Super Bowl commercials to watch, says Google

Sometime soon—as early as next year—Canadian viewers will see all the same Super Bowl ads that Americans do. But until that day, there’s YouTube. According to a recent Google survey, 41% of Canadians visit the video-streaming site in search of Super Bowl ads.

As our colleagues at Marketing note, the ads are the Super Bowl for a significant chunk of the viewing population:

For some, the ads are more exciting than the main event, with 25% of Canadians reporting that they are more likely to discuss the commercials than the halftime show on the Monday following the game.

That’s why brands post their ads—as well as short teasers, extended versions, and trumped-up “censored” versions—well in advance of game day. Here are the most popular 2015 Super Bowl ads that have already racked up millions of views in the days before kickoff.

1. Nissan

2. Carl’s Jr.

3. Bud Light

4. Snickers

5. Bud Light (Teaser)

6. Victoria’s Secret

7. Carnival Corp.

8. Toyota

9. Pepsi

10. Carnival Corp.