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Canada’s Richest People: Sam & Van Kolias

Canada’s Richest People
Sam & Van Kolias
Name: Sam & Van Kolias
Net Worth (2016): $935 million
Rich 100 Rank (2016): #95
Change from 2015: -16%
Ages: 54 and 49
Major company holdings: Boardwalk REIT

These brothers were collateral damage in the oil slump this year. The softening of the Alberta real estate market hurt Boardwalk, a real estate investment trust with a large number of properties in the province. They also sold their portfolio of 1,685 rental units in Windsor, Ont., leaving them with 34,000 others across the country.

Asset Mix:

Public: 78%  
Other*: 22%  

*Other assets include cash, collections, primary residence and/or proceeds from prior asset sales.

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