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Canada’s Richest People: Ronnen Harary

Canada’s Richest People
Ronnen Harary
(Photo: Frank Gunn/CP)

Ronnen Harary

Net Worth:
$1.64 billion

Rich 100 rank: #70 NEW
Major company holdings: Spin Master
Location: Toronto
Age: 45

Along with childhood friend Anton Rabie, Ronnen Harary founded Spin Master in 1994 after graduating from Western University. (A third cofounder, Ben Varadi, joined later that year.) The trio built their fortune on a series of hit toys, starting with the Earth Buddy, a stocking-covered head that grew grass hair, similar to a Chia Pet. Air Hogs followed a few years later, along with the Bakugan line of action figures—the most successful Spin Master product to date. Last year, Spin Master scored another hit with Hatchimals and has a global children’s entertainment franchise on its hands with Paw Patrol. Harary serves as co-CEO is responsible for the launch of Spin Master’s entertainment division, which oversees Paw Patrol.

Updated Thursday, November 9, 2017