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Canada’s Richest People: Robert Miller

Canada’s Richest People
Robert Miller
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Robert Miller

Net Worth:
$2.11 billion
(▼0.9% from 2017)

Rich 100 rank: #49
Change in rank from 2017: ▼6
Major company holdings: Future Electronics
Location: Montreal
Age: 72

Robert Miller founded Future Electronics at the dawn of the modern computer age, in 1968, and has quietly grown it into a global leader. Future’s innovations tend not to be the sort that draw a lot of headlines; for instance, in 2016 it implemented a new software platform to speed up the process of providing sales quotes for printed circuit boards. That’s perhaps not exciting to outsiders, but it allowed the company to cut the time it takes to create client estimates from days to minutes. It’s that kind of unflashy but relentless attitude to improvement that has propelled the Montreal-based company to such heights: Future ranks third in electronic component sales worldwide and has 5,000 employees in 169 offices across 44 countries.

Updated Thursday, November 9, 2017