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Canada’s Richest People: Patrick Dovigi

Canada’s Richest People
Patrick Dovigi

Patrick Dovigi

Net Worth:
$1.08 billion

Rich 100 rank: #97 NEW
Major company holdings: Green For Life Environmental
Location: Toronto
Age: 38

The 38-year-old founder of GFL Environmental Inc. once had his sights on becoming a professional hockey player. Dovigi, a goalie, was even drafted by the Edmonton Oilers, but he never made it past the minor leagues. Even though his hockey dreams were dashed, Dovigi has still done pretty well for himself. His company is one of the fastest-growing waste management firms in the industry.

Dovigi graduated with a business degree from Ryerson University and worked with Gene Simmons (yes, that Gene Simmons) on a television channel called No Good TV. It went bankrupt. Later, Dovigi operated a waste management transfer site north of Toronto for two and a half years before striking out on his own at 27. (His former employer sued him for allegedly misappropriating funds; the suit was settled.)

GFL Environmental has grown by acquiring small, mom-and-pop outfits and by offering bundled services to commercial clients. Notably, the company scored a lucrative contract to collect garbage from the east side of Toronto a few years ago. After just over a decade in business, GFL has 140 facilities across Canada and Michigan, and employs 5000 people. The company toyed with going public last year, but opted to stay private. It is speculated that GFL could launch an IPO in 2018.

Updated Thursday, November 9, 2017