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Canada’s Most Powerful Business People 2016: #4 — Justin Trudeau

Sets the country’s priorities

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, Canada
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#4: Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister, Canada

Why he matters: Sets the country’s priorities

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Governments’ influence over the economy is often exaggerated, but with Canada just barely growing these days, Justin Trudeau’s policies may help push it one way or the other. He’s got a plan to spend $125 billion on infrastructure over the next decade to juice growth, resulting in deficits for the next three years. Some economists have applauded the plan, estimating it could add up to 0.5% to the GDP. The challenge will be ensuring deficits don’t balloon, especially considering Trudeau has pledged more funds for health and education, too. On top of all that, he’ll be working with the provinces to craft measures to tackle global warming, spelling big changes for industry.

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