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Canada’s Most Powerful Business People 2016: #2 — Mark Wiseman

Ensures you can retire

Mark Wiseman, President & CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
(Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star/Getty)

#2: Mark Wiseman

President & CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Why he matters: Ensures you can retire

Most Canadians fret about saving for retirement, but they can worry a little less knowing Mark Wiseman has their backs. Under Wiseman’s leadership, the Canada Pension Plan has grown its assets by $100 billion since 2012, and its five-year annualized return tops 12%, net of contributions. Outside of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Wiseman is a vocal supporter of regulatory reform. Earlier this year, he backed the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance in its push for regulators to adopt rules making it easier for large shareholders to nominate company directors. The CPPIB is known for using its clout to lean on businesses; should such a financial rule be adopted, expect Wiseman to wield even more influence.

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