Most Innovative Companies

Canada’s Most Innovative Companies 2016

What does it take to be innovative? Sometimes it’s an earth-shaking breakthrough. But mostly it’s a constant quest to improve

Canada’s Most Innovative Companies 2016

How Canadian Tire is pioneering tomorrow’s retail experience now

Canada’s most familiar retail brand has quietly become one of the country’s most aggressive innovators in digital marketing

Axiom Zen is building a startup that builds startups

This Vancouver technology startup is changing the way that product ideas become fully fledged companies—and doing it fast

How InteraXon plans to monetize meditation

This Toronto tech startup is building consumer products aimed at unlocking the next big leap in human-computer interaction

How Carbon Engineering plans to make a fortune out of thin air

This Calgary energy firm is pioneering a massively ambitious plan to filter greenhouse gases directly out of the air at industrial scale

How Kinaxis harnesses the cloud to tame global supply chains

When the biggest multinationals need help untangling their supply chains, this Ottawa software company is increasingly their first call

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