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Canadians pay much more than Americans for hockey tickets

NHL ticket prices, ranked

Everyone knows Canadians love hockey, and want to watch more of it. Canadian teams are guaranteed to sell out their home games most of the time, which has long kept ticket prices higher in Canada than for most American teams.

U.S.-based Ticket reselling service VividSeats has provided a mid-season breakdown of just how much hockey fans are paying for a seat. Once again, Canadian teams rank near the top of the leaderboard for ticket prices—the Toronto Maple Leafs come out on top with the most expensive tickets in the league. Note that these are median numbers—so half the people in the stands paid more than the quoted figure, and half paid less. I’ve also converted the ticket price to Canadian dollars at today’s exchange rate.

Bar chart showing the ranked median cost of hockey tickets, by NHL team

Here’s the chart with just the Canadian teams represented:


As you can see, it’s quite the spread. As ever, pity the Leafs fan, who will pay almost $350 for a 50-50 62% chance of witnessing a winning game at home (based on the standings as of today), while those in sunny Anaheim can stroll in for less than 50 bucks—and be 75% likely to see their home team win. Supply and demand is a powerful thing.

This piece has been corrected: I misstated the two teams’ at-home winning stats. The Leafs are 21-11-1 at home, while the Ducks are 24-5-3 at home as of today.