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The biggest brawls of 2012


Gina Rinehart vs. her children

Australia’s richest woman fought her own children over a 23% stake in her $18-billion fortune. Rinehart used legal manoeuvres to gain complete control of a family trust that controls the funds. Her three eldest children later sued, alleging “deceptive, manipulative and disgraceful conduct.”



Steve Wynn vs. Kazuo Okada

Once partners and close friends, the casino magnates have now become heated enemies. Wynn forced Okada out of the company they founded together. In October, a judge in Las Vegas ruled against Okada’s bid to have his shares in Wynn Resorts Ltd. reinstated.




Jonathan Goldwater vs. Nancy Silberkleit

The co-CEOs of Archie Comic Publications fought an embarrassing court battle that saw both sides accuse the other of sexual harassment, intimidation and mismanagement.