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Canada’s Top 15 Companies by Total 5-year Return: Investor 500 2016

The most successful investors think long term Here are the Top 15 Canadian companies ranked by total 5-year return

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The annual Canadian Business Investor 500 Stock Ranking sorts stocks based on their annual rate of return over the past year, but sometimes you want an even longer horizon.

These are the stocks that have shown the most cumulative growth in the value of their stock over the past five years:

RankCompanyTickerTotal 5-year return (%)*
1ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.PLI1,761
2Intertape Polymer Group Inc.ITP1,542
3Nobilis Health Corp.NHC1,077
4People Corp.PEO**956
5Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.CPH793
6Clearwater Seafoods Inc.CLR756
7DHX Media Ltd.DHX721
8Boyd Group Income FundBYD.UN719
9Constellation Software Inc.CSU699
10CCL Industries Inc.CCL.B682
11Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.ATD.B551
12Savaria Corp.SIS546
13Dollarama Inc.DOL524
14Concordia Healthcare Corp.CXR512
15Sylogist Ltd.SYZ**511
* As of May 6 2016. ** Trades on the TSX Venture exchange