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Canada’s Best MBAs 2016: The 10 Most Affordable MBA Programs

It’s possible to take an MBA degree without paying six figures—or even five, in some cases

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(Memorial University)

An MBA can be one of the most expensive degrees a university offers, but that doesn’t mean you have to mortgage the house to take one. We screened our database to find the most affordable MBA degrees in Canada. It’s not necessary to pay six figures—or even five:

MBA ProgramFull-time Tuition
Memorial University
UQAM School of Management
Université du Québec à Montréal
Université de Moncton
Université de Sherbrooke
Université Laval
Royal Military College
HEC Montréal
John Molson School of Business
Concordia University
Sobey School of Business
Saint Mary’s University
Sprott School of Business
Carleton University

Note: We sorted this list by full-time tuition only, and for the sake of comparison, used out-of-province tuition figures for Quebec and Nova Scotia schools, which often offer lower fees for residents. For instance, UQAM’s MBA is noted here at $8,186, but for residents of Quebec it’s just $3,827.

NEW! Our updated 2017 MBA guide is now available »