Best Managed Companies

Meet the leaders of some of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

They lead some of the most productive and engaged employees in the country. Here’s how they inspire the best from their teams

Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Walter Koppelaar on spotting and seizing new opportunities

Look outside your industry for inspiration, says the founder of structural engineering Walters Group

Edward Kholodenko on how Questrade inspires its workforce

The online brokerage’s President and CEO talks leadership, innovation and team-building

Elaine & Heather Gerrie of Gerrie Electric on how to develop leaders

Hire for the right attitude, the rest comes with training, say the co-CEOs of the electrical equipment distributor

Gary Higgins on how Liberty Linehaul lowers employee turnover

The transportation and logistics firm’s general manager says it goes a long way with staff when leadership is willing to get its hands dirty

Robert Wills & Anne Vinet on how Airstart empowers its employees to solve problems faster

Robert Wills, CEO, and Anne Vinet, director of marketing, talk about how Airstart became one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Iain McColl on how Hibar Systems spots global export opportunities

The president & CEO talks about how the company grew its export business to 97% of its revenues.

Debra Hewson on how Odlum Brown brings in new customers

The President & CEO of Odlum Brown talks about how serving existing customers pays off with new referrals later.

Dino Medves on what makes a Best Managed Company

The Senior Vice-President of CIBC commercial banking explains the key qualities shared by all of Canada’s Best Managed Companies