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Canada’s Best Jobs: Utilities Manager

Canada’s Best Jobs: The Top Jobs in Canada
Utilities manager


Median Salary: $112,320
Salary Growth (2010–2016): +20%
Total Employees: 7,100
Change in Employees (2010–2016): +6%

Job Description:

Water, electrical power, natural gas—if it’s a utility, this category of managers are taking care of it. Whether it’s in the public sector or the private sector, utility managers are in charge of the facilities, plants, and distribution systems that bring the power to the people.

Job Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree or diploma in the corresponding field you’ll managing: electrical engineering for power utilities, oil and gas engineering for natural gas distribution, and so on. You’ll need to be experienced as a supervisor before moving up, though.


The median paycheque of a utility manager comes in at about $112,000, with broad variation based on what kind of utility and municipality you oversee.

Career Opportunity:

The government predicts that for managers in manufacturing and utilities, there will be 32,500 new job openings through 2024, with only 28,900 job seekers to fill them. That spells opportunity, but since these are senior positions you’ll need to be able to demonstrate proven experience.

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