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Canada’s Best Jobs: Specialized Engineer

Canada’s Best Jobs: The Top Jobs in Canada
Specialized engineer


Median Salary: $85,009
Salary Growth (2010–2016): +15%
Total Employees: 23,100
Change in Employees (2010–2016): +79%

Job Description:

These specialized engineers work in fields that wouldn’t be the first to come to mind—agriculture, textile, biomedicine, and so on. But the work is still typical of an engineer: managing processes, building equipment, supervising installation.

Job Qualifications:

To be an engineer, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline, or even a master’s degree or PhD. After attaining a license from the province or territorial’s association of professional engineers, spend three or four years doing supervised work, pass a practical exam, and you’re golden.


Specialized engineers have a median salary of $85,000 and rising, but since this category includes several different disciplines there can be considerable variation.

Career Opportunity:

While it’s hard to move between engineering fields in this particular group (you’re not going to see many biomedical engineers hop over to textiles), there is a lot of teamwork involving sales, science, and management, making it possible for engineers to move on to those areas later.

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