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Canada’s Best Jobs: Mining & Quarrying Supervisor

Canada’s Best Jobs: The Top Jobs in Canada
Mining and quarrying supervisor

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Median Salary: $72,800
Salary Growth (2010–2016): +12%
Total Employees: 8,300
Change in Employees (2010–2016): +38%

Job Description:

A mining and quarry supervisor oversees the workers extracting the coal, minerals or ore out of the ground. They may operate heavy machinery, keep an eye on workers’ safety, and do administrative work like ordering materials and supplies.

Job Qualifications:

You’ll need to complete at least secondary school, with some advanced positions requiring you finish a college or university program in mining or engineering. It’s typical to first spend several years in the positions that you’ll be supervising. Many provinces and territories require a certification for positions like underground or coal mining supervisor.


The median salary for this position is $72,800, and has seen a 12.9% wage increase over the past five years.

Career Opportunity:

It’s no secret that mining plays a big part in Canada’s economy—the Mining Association of Canada found that in 2015, the industry accounted for 19% of the value of Canadian goods exports. The profession has people flocking to it, with 38% employee growth over the past five years.

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