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Canada’s Best Jobs: Economic Development Director

Canada’s Best Jobs: The Top Jobs in Canada
Economic development director


Median Salary: $114,400
Salary Growth (2010–2016): +12%
Total Employees: 6,600
Change in Employees (2010–2016): -10%

Job Description:

These government workers are focused on how to make cities, towns and economic regions prosper. This mainly involves evaluating, planning and implementing economic policy, but it also means collecting data and creating polices and programs. The category includes jobs like border services managers, analysts and tourism development managers.

Job Qualifications:

A bachelor’s in economics, business administration, commerce or public admiinstration is required, with a master’s in one of those fields required for one of the more advanced positions. It’s also important to have several years of experience as an economist, economic development officer or researcher.


The median salary sat around $114,000 in the most recent figures, but your income is highly dependent on experience, responsibility, and which province or territory you work in.

Career Opportunity:

There are 1.15 jobs for every job seeker, but be aware that much of that opportunity is in smaller communities. Like small-town living? Your job hunt is probably going to be easier. Additional good news for job-seekers is that employment growth has lagged in recent years and a wave of retirement is hitting this field, while the number of candidates coming out of school programs is expected to shrink from 300 last year, to only 200 by 2022, so towns and cities will be competing for talented candidates.

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