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Best Employers 2017: Inside the companies people love working for

How do you attract and retain the best talent around? Ask the 79 companies on Aon’s annual list of Canada’s Best Employers what it takes to build a dream team

Canada’s Best Jobs: The Top Jobs in Canada

Sure, you might find fancy espresso makers and the odd Ping-Pong table among the offices of the 79 companies that earned a spot on the 2017 Aon Best Employers in Canada list. But you’re far more likely to find engaged, productive employees who love their jobs, do great work and spend almost no time trawling LinkedIn. Here’s what those employers did to shore up their superworkers—and what smart bosses can do to follow suit.

LIST: The 39 Top-ranked Large Companies

Meet the companies that boast the highest employee engagement in Canada: 30 platinum and nine gold winners are Canada’s Best Employers for 2017

LIST: The 40 Top-ranked Small- and Medium-sized Companies

You don’t have to be big to be mighty: meet the 28 platinum and 12 gold winners in the Small- and Medium-Sized category of Canada’s Best Employers for 2017

How do you become one of Canada’s Best Employers?

Advice and insights from real companies creating awesome culture:

Help people advance their careers

Birchwood Automotive Group equips employees with development opportunities and makes sure they have a plan to grow their career over time

Provide better feedback to help workers improve

Colliers International revamped its employee-review process, scrapping a cumbersome annual check-in and focusing on regular, actionable feedback

Build corporate cultures that put people first

Mouvement Desjardins gives its 48,000 employees the power to fix customer problems on their own, driving results on both sides of the teller window

Make better managers

People leave managers, not companies. Medgate focused on connecting front-line leaders with their direct reports and building trust through openness

Support the causes workers care about

People care that the companies they work for are doing good. National Leasing boosted employee engagement by encouraging social responsibility

Turn every employee into a brand evangelist

Enthusiastic employees are ambassadors to potential customers and new hires. Here’s how Canada Skyline Group of Companies made staffers into superfans

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Best Employers 2017: The top companies people love working for

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