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Five apps (that aren’t LinkedIn) to help you find the perfect job

Everybody’s got a LinkedIn profile now. It’s time to get more creative about building your professional online profile

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(Illustration by Aleksandar Savić)

To catch the eyes of recruiters, having a polished LinkedIn profile is practically table stakes now. The number of industry-specific social networks is growing—and so are the opportunities to search for new gigs and show off your skills to the right people.

1. Blonk (

This job-matching app for your smartphone works like Tinder. You indicate your interest in a company, and if the company likes you back, it’s a match! The twist? Applicants must record a 20-second video of themselves answering the following: “What is one thing I believe everybody disagrees with me about?” (It’s the question famed venture capitalist Peter Thiel asks in interviews.)

2. Makerbase (

Not a social network, per se, Maker­base is a searchable, editable compendium of folks who have helped build some of your favourite apps (it’s been referred to as a nerdier Internet Movie Database). Your profile will be in good company alongside the people who brought you MailChimp and Slack, for instance. Registered users’ Twitter feeds are automatically displayed, making getting in touch that much easier.

3. Anthology (

Formerly known as Poachable, this service is for employed folks looking for their next job on the sly. During the registration process, users are asked to indicate their current job title and the one they want next. The company promises your boss will never find out.

4. AngelList (

Looking to place your bet on a startup in its early stages? The original concept behind AngelList was to build a social network to link startup founders with willing investors. It’s since evolved into a handy recruiting tool for those wanting to get in on the startup action. It’s not just for technical people either: There are ample postings for marketers and communications pros.

5. Switch (

Another job app that mimics Tinder’s format, this one has a crucial difference: Besides work experience, applicants’ profiles listings are anonymous. Without any identifying details, you can be sure a recruiter didn’t swipe left because of your age, race or gender.

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