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Canada’s Best Jobs 2015: Public Administration Director

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Public Administration Director

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Median Salary: $99,195.20
Change in Salary (2008–2014): +21%
Total Employees: 18,500
Change in Employees (2008–2014): +16%

This category covers a wide range of jobs, although they occupy a very specific strata in the public sector: these are the senior administrators that sit between elected politicians and the front lines of the civil service. They supervise elections, maintain relations between the different levels of government and make sure legislatures are functioning properly. This category covers everyone from the director of Elections Canada to provincial public works directors.

How to qualify: A bachelor’s degree is a must and a graduate degree—especially in fields like public policy or law—is also beneficial. But in the end there’s no substitute for years of experience in the public sector rank-and-file. You’ll have to climb the ladder for these jobs.

Money: Get ready for your closeup on the Sunshine List. With a median salary around $100,000, these roles are amongst the highest-paid jobs in the bureaucracy. In larger provinces or at the federal level, some of these positions clear the $200,000 bar.

Opportunity: Governments at all levels remain underfunded with cutbacks a constant threat, so don’t expect as much growth in the workforce. But with the average age of public administration directors much higher than most professions, a canny job-seeker might be able to position themselves just in time for a retiring boss to make way.

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