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Canada’s Best Jobs 2015: Health & Community Service Manager

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health community services manager


Median Salary: $100,006.40
Change in Salary (2008–2014): +37%
Total Employees: 6,200
Change in Employees (2008–2014): +5%

This category, defined by Employment and Social Development Canada as covering health, education, social and community services, can include high-level leadership in fields from parks and rec to employment support to public health. With only 6,200 positions at this level, it requires a high degree of seniority and responsibility.

How to Qualify: If you’re looking to be a manager in community services, Service Canada says you’ll likely need a university or college degree or diploma in order to move up the ranks and occupy this job. Studies in social sciences are an asset, and a few postsecondary institutions in Canada now offer specific programs in social work. Most importantly, moving into a management position in any of these sectors requires lots of experience in the field. Starting off as a social worker or at an entry level position in community services is the way to get started. And since these are managerial jobs, be ready to lead.

Money: Though the average salary, measured nationally, just crested $100,000 for the first time in 2014, salaries will vary by location and field. Since these are largely public sector jobs at the provincial or municipal level, the characteristics of the local tax base has an effect. Larger urban centres will come with more responsibility and higher salaries.

Opportunity: Jobs for managers in healthcare, education, social work, community and correctional services are expected to be in excess supply into 2022, according to Employment and Social Development Canada. But prospects will vary by province and even by municipality, since many of these jobs are in the public sector and therefore dependent on government budgets.

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