Best Jobs

Canada’s Best Jobs 2014: Employment field definitions

Our ranking of Canada’s Best Jobs by City uses data from Workopolis, Canada’s largest job-search site, to rank the fields that are most in-demand for the 20 biggest municipal job markets in the country. Workopolis sorts all job listings into the following categories. First find your relevant city, and then consult the category below to better understand the kinds of jobs that are available in each field.

Agriculture & Manufacturing

Jobs producing agricultural or manufactured goods, or managing their production. These can range from farm labourer to assembly line positions, skilled trades, and quality assurance.


Teaching jobs at the preschool, primary, secondary, and post-secondary levels, plus administrative or support positions within educational institutions. Most jobs in this category will be public-sector positions.

Energy & Utilities

Many jobs in this category will fall under the natural resources industry—oil & gas as well as renewables—or with public utilities such as electrical generating stations, transmission lines, and municipal water systems.

Financial Services

Positions within the non-insurance sector of financial firms, which could include banks, investment brokers, accountants, auditors or financial advisors, or financial administrators within other companies.

Government (Public Sector)

Civil-service jobs providing front-line service to the public and support to government bodies such as municipal departments, or provincial or federal ministries.

Health Care

Jobs providing front-line medical care to patients, administering health care systems, or performing research or technical assistance in a laboratory setting. A broad category encompassing doctors and nursespsychologists and health care administrators.

Hospitality & Hotels

Jobs in the food service industry and hotels, from fry cook to maitre d’ and maid to concierge. Although plentiful and vital to the service economy, these jobs seldom command a high enough salary to appear on our Best Jobs Ranking.


Workopolis data keeps insurance industry jobs distinct from other financial sector jobs, which is why it gets a separate category. Insurance brokers, claims adjusters and actuaries all fall under this label.

Professional Services

The broadest category here, Professional Services incorporate a wide array of non-finance white-collar positions, from lawyers to architects to consultants to HR professionals.

Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Jobs in the telecommunications industry, from cable or fiber optic technicians to IT support workers, fall into this category. Also encompasses many high-tech professions such as software development or R&D.