Tips from Canadian squash champ Shahler Razik

Canada's squash champ offers tips and recommends the best gear for improving your game.

With a brilliant display of fundamental, defensive squash, Canada’s Shahier Razik fended off Australia’s Ryan Cuskelly last month to retain his crown at the National Capital Open in Washington. The Professional Squash Association now ranks Razik the top player in North America. He gave Canadian Business some pointers on how to perform, and what gear to use on and off the court.

Conditioning: Razik recommends interval training. “In squash, you’re working at high intensity for 30 seconds to a minute, and the recovery between rallies is 10 to 20 seconds. Emulate that on the track, the bike or the elliptical.”

Warming up: “The main muscle groups to warm up for squash are the glutes, the hip flexors, and especially the groin, because squash involves a lot of lunging. A good warm-up is getting on the court, doing a little stretch, then running from one corner to another, and back to the T. Start slowly, then gradually speed up until you can do some harder lunges.”

Grip: “Don’t grip the racket too high. Beginners always choke up because it feels like you have more control. But that takes away from power, accuracy and reach.”

Positioning: “Squash is all in the feet. Most amateurs focus too much on the racket, but if something’s off, it’s because your movement’s off and you’re not setting up early enough for the return. Get to the ball early.”

Swing: “Don’t take too big a swing on the volley. Your power really comes from the follow-through, not the swing. And keep a firm wrist for better control.”


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