The Rich 100: Isadore Sharp & Nan Wilkins

Office mates: the executive assistants behind it all.

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Canadian Business: How long have you worked for Isadore Sharp?

Nan Wilkins, executive assistant: Almost 26 years ago, I was hired to work for Mr. Sharp. I was introduced to him through an executive I had worked for in the past, Michael Lambert. At the time, he also worked for Four Seasons.

How many people work in the office?

My section consists of Mr. Sharp, myself, my assistant Amani and our chauffeur, who also reports to me. My assistant helps me with assorted administrative tasks, so I am free to work on other important projects — not that everything we do around here isn't important.

What's the best thing about working for Mr. Sharp?

First of all, as in any working relationship, it has to be a good fit. You also have to be on the same wavelength in how you look at things and how you treat people. Mr. Sharp has an open-door policy, and he's very approachable. He's also a man of high ethics and good values, so he treats his employees well. You have to admire and respect the executive that you work for. I just could not work for someone for whom I did not have great respect.

What can you tell me about Mr. Sharp that it's likely no one else knows?

He's very selective about what he eats. He eats very healthy food. But Mr. Sharp has a bit of a sweet tooth, and he enjoys cheesecake. He has a particular cheesecake at the moment: toffee apple cheesecake by Dufflet Pastries. I know his mother used to make a Polish-style cheesecake for him. He really enjoyed that.