The Rich 100: Canada's wealthiest people

Our list of the 100 most affluent Canadians, now with more billionaires than millionaires.

91. André Chagnon
Net worth: $517 million | Up 9% | Location: Montreal | 06 rank: 93

In June, the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, founded by the former Vidéotron head, pledged $20 million a year for 10 years to the fund that will be created under Quebec’s Bill 1 to promote healthier lifestyles — $20 million each year will also come from tobacco taxes.

92. Bill Comrie
Net worth: $510 million | Up 4% | Location: Los Angeles | 06 rank: 90

The Edmonton native may have packed up and moved to California years ago, but he kept a 40% stake in the Brick Group Income Fund (TSX: BRK.UN), the furniture store chain he started in 1971. There has been speculation, however, that the Brick could be a takeover target under the new income trust regime. With a unit price rising up over $10 from a $7.15 low, and same store sales up 6.2% so far this year, the fund has rebounded well since October 2006 when Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced new taxes on trust distributions.

93. Isadore Sharp
Net worth: $506 million | 10% | Location: Toronto | 06 rank: 97

The founder of Four Seasons Hotels Inc. was part of a consortium that took the company private this year, alongside Bill Gates and Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. Sharp remains chairman and CEO following the US$3.8-billion sale.

94. Stewart Blusson
Net worth: $497 million | Up 25% | Location: Vancouver | 06 rank: 69

The co-discoverer of the Ekati diamond mine, and president and CEO of mining company Archon Minerals (TSX-V: ACS), continued to give away his fortune this year with a $12-million gift to Simon Fraser University to support work in its faculty of health sciences. In return for the school’s largest private donation, SFU will name its new health sciences building Blusson Hall, which will house a Level 3 containment lab for infectious-disease research.

95. Alain Bouchard
Net worth: $495 million | 19% | Location: Lorraine, Quebec | 06 rank: 76

After convenience store chain Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (TSX: ATD.B) grew by more than 500 stores in fiscal 2007, the president and CEO said he plans to expand by at least 300 stores in 2008. But its growth rate has not been matched by growth in share value, which kicked off the year at about $26 and fell to less than $19 by early November.

96. Jack Cowin
Net worth: $479 million | N/A | Location: Sydney, Australia | 06 rank: 92

The Ontario-born founder of Competitive Foods Australia could lose his company’s 46 KFC restaurants in western Australia in the near future. According to local news reports, KFC brand owner Yum Brands Inc. (NYSE: YUM) is refusing to renew the franchise licenses after Competitive Foods turned down a bid from Yum to acquire the restaurants.

97. De Gaspé Beaubien Family
Net worth: $478 million | Up 11% | Location: Montreal | 06 rank: 98

As operations director for Expo 67, Telemedia Corp. founder Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien was responsible for the exhibits that earned the Montreal world’s fair praise as the best Expo in history. April marked the 40th anniversary of the centennial celebration that brought the world to Montreal. Philippe’s brother, François, is chairman and CEO of advertising firm Zoo Media (TSX-V: ZMD). He co-chaired the first Canada 2020 Conference in June 2006.

98. Lee Ka Lau
Net worth: $461 million | Up 2% | Location: Toronto | 06 rank: 95

The founder of ATI Technologies Inc. saw his Markham, Ont.–based brainchild sold to California-based Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE: AMD) last year. AMD hopes the infusion of tech smarts from ATI will help develop its new platform of computer and graphic chips dubbed Puma, regaining the ground it has lost recently to industry leader Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC). Under itscontract with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), ATI will produce the new Xbox 360 graphics chip, called the Jasper motherboard.

99. Robert Beamish
Net worth: $449 million | Up 4% | Location: Oakville, Ont. | 06 rank: 96

Beamish’s Woodbridge Group, one of the largest producers of polyurethane foam products in the world, went green this year. The company’s new BioFoam soybean-based polyurethane products are used for auto parts like seat cushions, armrests and head restraints. And, in addition to being kinder to Mother Earth, unlike past trial versions, BioFoam doesn’t smell like a farm.

100. Libfeld family
Net worth: $445 million | Up 21% | Location: Toronto | 06 rank: 99

The family fell off the list in 2006, but made a comeback and squeaked into last place this year. Company founder Ted Libfeld’s four sons now run the Conservatory Group, the family’s privately held real estate development firm. One of the larger luxury condos in Conservatory’s latest development, Milan, near Toronto’s Rosedale Valley, will set you back about $1 million.