The Rich 100: At their service

The rich often have special requirements, thanks to busy schedules and fabulous lifestyles.

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The rich are not like you and me. They — and their pets — often have special requirements, thanks to busy schedules and fabulous lifestyles. Here are four services that fit the bill.

1. Kelly Josling
Dog spa owner, Fetch Store and Spaw: A Dog's Grooming Getaway, Vancouver

Many Rich 100 members happen to be dog lovers — so why not pamper the pooch? At Kelly Josling's Fetch Store and Spaw, our four-legged friends are treated like royalty. What do owners get for the $130 price tag? After consultation with a dog stylist, pooches get a three- to six-hour grooming session, which includes a brush out, bath and light massage, followed by drying, cutting and styling, and a light spritz of natural green tea.

2. Dr. Kenneth Montague, DDS
Celebrity dentist, Toronto

Dentist by day, art socialite by night, Dr. Kenneth Montague makes frequent appearances in society columns — shown here with art-scenesters Victoria Jackman and Bruce Kuwabara. His approach to dentistry is equal parts hip and professional, and his passion for the arts is reflected in his choice of vintage photos from '70s Brooklyn and Jamaican paintings on the walls. For that million-dollar smile, Dr. Montague recommends porcelain veneers — at about $1,000 per tooth.

3. Jie Matar
Hairstylist to the rich, Jie Avenue, Toronto

Jie Matar doesn't cut hair — he Jie-ifies clients. The Beirut-born, Paris-trained hairstylist is known as much for his ostentatious personality as his legendary — and expensive — coifs. Despite the extravagant price tag (which ranges up to $400 before tax and a modest $50 tip), clients — including Kim Cattrall, Heather Mills- McCartney and Rich 100 daughter Belinda Stronach — maintain a religious-like devotion to the selfproclaimed “God of Hair.”

4. Catherine Rachey and Jacqueline Jennings
Taskmaster Muse personal assistant and executive concierge services, Vancouver

Good help may be hard to find, but it's gotten a little easier thanks to Catherine Rachey and Jacqueline Jennings of Taskmaster Muse, a personal assistance program customtailored to the affluent lifestyle. One lavish example of the services on offer: a personal chef, which starts at $500 a month for menu planning, and goes to upwards of $10,000 a month for full-time services.