The inside story: the best travel Web sites

Let’s talk

Stay connected

Vacationers needing Internet service off the beaten path should visit or before leaving home. The former, listing over 6,000 public Internet access points in 167 countries, is largest. But the latter, with details on rates and operating hours, is more thorough. Not sure if you need an adapter to use your modem in Albania? See, which also includes tips on telephoning for anyone who wants to communicate the old-fashioned way.

Learn the lingo

Wunderbar! You can print wallet-sized phrase books in 17 languages at The site also includes audio files you can download to your MP3 player. At, you’ll find the essentials in dozens more languages, minus the bells and whistles. For translations of a phrase typically missing from guides — “No smoking, please!” — go to and find no-smoking restaurants and resorts all over the globe.

Make nice

Were you humiliated the last time you gave an inappropriate gift in Yemen? Next time, make sure to visit the etiquette primer at It’s primarily intended for businesspeople, but everybody can benefit from reading the Public Behavior entries on touchy subjects like personal space and preferred greetings. The same goes for the articles at that identify embarrassing slip-ups, such as gestures with multiple meanings. Trust me, you’ll never use the OK sign again.

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From the February/March 2005 issue.

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