The Feud: Motherlode vs. Parentlode

Two media conglomerates squabble over the name for a parenting blog.

(Photo: Getty)

The Conflict: New York Times staffer Lisa Belkin authored a popular parenting blog on the newspaper’s website called Motherlode before joining the Huffington Post in October. She promptly began writing a new blog entitled Parentlode. The New York Times issued a cease-and-desist letter to HuffPo, arguing the name violates its trademark and demanded the rival news organization “change the name of the blog to something original.”

Latest Round: HuffPo filed its own trademark for Parentlode, indicating it’s not about to change the name any time soon. This is just the latest squabble between the two companies. HuffPo has poached a number of Times staffers this year, and this past spring, former executive editor Bill Keller wrote a column trashing HuffPo’s editorial strategy and business model.