The Feud: Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein

The two clothing labels square off over stretchy pants.


THE CONFLICT: Perhaps jealous it wasn’t the one to come up with a garment as pleasing to both women and men as Lululemon yoga pants, Calvin Klein, the fashion label that pretty much invented sexy, recently released its Performance line of yoga pants aping the patented waistband of Lulu’s Astro yogawear. Though many have tried to ride the success of its, um, coattails, Lululemon decided this was the right time to fight, and brought legal action against Calvin Klein in August.

THE OUTCOME: Calvin Klein dropped its pants as soon as Lululemon filed suit and hasn’t had much to say on the matter publicly, which suggests a settlement is likely. But industry watchers say the outcome of the case will be highly important, preventing any kind of copycat fashions in the future and setting precedent in an industry where patents are rare.