The Feud: George Lucas vs. Marin County

Peace long reigned throughout Marin County, home to Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch. That is until he announced an expansion.


EPISODES IV-VI: The Star Wars director began building the ultimate film-production facility in the wealthy county north of San Francisco soon after becoming a Hollywood power player in the 1970s. Peace long reigned throughout the land, as Lucas kept successive additions to the ranch tasteful and discretely located.

EPISODES I-III: Lucas recently announced he would add a new component to Skywalker Ranch. This expansion was not met with the same enthusiasm as earlier additions, dividing neighbours into those who think Lucas can do no wrong, and those who feel he should leave well enough alone. Lucas then agreed to build his new addition elsewhere, saying he would instead allow a philanthropic group to build low-income housing on the ranch site—a move many feel is spiteful and brings down property values.