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The plastic frame isn’t going anywhere

Photograph by Liam Mogan

Photograph by Liam Mogan

It’s a neat trick of fashion that sunglasses have a chameleon effect for the wearer. Don a pair of mirrored aviators and suddenly you’re “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun. A pair of Wayfarers demands a Risky Business parquet slide. So it’s something special that Ray-Ban’s just-as-classic Clubmaster allows you to channel a slew of characters that aren’t Tom Cruise—from John Kennedy to Malcolm X to Don Draper. Doubly so since Ray-Ban only introduced the time-travelling browline design in the 1980s. The company released a limited edition aluminum frame this year. But don’t feel pressure to update. The plastic frame isn’t going anywhere.
Ray-Ban Clubmaster, $175,


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