The Easy Sell: The Barbican bag

Hell Bent For Leather

easy_sell_665There are certain things the English do astonishingly well: breakfast tea, for instance, and American blues music. Also, leather. Brooks England has been crafting leather bike saddles in Birmingham for more than 140 years. Less known is that they also make some of the finest shoulder bags in the world. This one in particular—the Barbican, in molded “hard leather”—is tough enough to survive being strapped to a courier, but elegant enough to replace a briefcase. Wear it because the snow will melt and you can finally get your bike out. Or just wear it because it’s a really cool bag.

Brooks Barbican hard leather, $550,


The Hard Sell


“The conference bag” Listen, if what happened at SalesCon was truly meant to stay at SalesCon, maybe you should have left the free bag there too