Lunchbox Challenge: the bologna sandwich

White-trashy and absurd.

Anthony Rose

Photographs by Reena Newman
Sandwich Highlights:

  • Mortadella, “the Cadillac of bologna.” Rose fried it in butter
  • Soft kimmel rye bread with caraway seeds
  • Tymek’s sour pickle. They’re made in Toronto and fermented in the jar “It’s a cross between fried salami and grilled cheese, which I eat constantly,” says Rose

When we started our Lunchbox Challenge, we weren’t sure who would be brave enough to take on the bologna sandwich. We should have guessed it would be Anthony Rose, who kept late-night diners well fed at Toronto’s Drake Hotel for six years with his nudge-and-wink takes on classic American dishes. Now he’s taken over a venerable diner space with Rose and Sons, where he’s serving classic comfort fare: fried chicken, patty melts and an already famous bread pudding. What drew him to bologna? “It was the most white-trashy, absurd thing on the list. And when I cook food for myself, that’s kind of what I cook.”

Rose and Sons, 176 Dupont St., Toronto | (647) 748-3287

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