14 essential drinks and tools for your bar

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Photograph by Raina + Wilson

Photograph by Raina + Wilson

1 Elit by Stolichnaya

Most liquor pundits indict vodka for lacking character. The real crime is to mix one this silky-smooth and citrusy with anything but ice.


2 Los Azulejos silver tequila

A tasty, crisp sipper, though the sweet agave and playful citrus also make for a vibrant margarita.


3 Anchor Distilling Junipero gin

Nearly 100-proof with a wallop of, yes, juniper. It’s strong enough to stand up to tonic but works best over a single king cube.


4 George T. Stagg bourbon

Marginally easier to find than its elusive cousin, Pappy Van Winkle, and just as rich in caramel and


5 Nikka single-malt Miyagikyo 15-year-old

Finely crafted whiskies like this one are what put Japanese distillers on the radar in the first place.


6 Angostura 1824 aged rum

Better known for its legendary bitters, Angostura also makes a damn fine rum, the key ingredient to a legendary daiquiri.


7 Dolin vermouth

Upgrade your Noilly Prat. Dolin’s Chambéry rouge makes a dry, herbal sweet aperitif; Dolin blanc has a nice honey-citrus kick.


8 Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Boker’s bitters

Zealously bitter, with cardamom and orange flavours, it perks up a dry martini and makes 19th-century cocktails like the Japanese come to life.


9 Luxardo Maraschino cherries

Those glow-in-the-dark red orbs from the grocery store should stay there.

$18, www

10 Pro-Crush muddler by Über

Because it’s heavy, and mean looking, and it even crushes ice.


11 Yarai mixing glass

Bond was wrong. Straight liquor drinks should be stirred, not shaken.


12 Cirrus ice ball press

Is crafting a giant sphere of ice ever “essential?” Nope. Just cool.


13 Tovolo King Cube tray

The standard upon which all two-inch cubes are measured.


14 Cuisinart SmartPower blender

A must-have for a good, evenly mixed piña colada. And yes, we’d love one, if you’re making.