Pursuit (Skin care): Wrinkle resistance

Looking old is never good business.

With baby-boomer business execs entering their 60s, ageism has become a hot topic in the corporate world. “The biggest threat to longevity in business today is looking old,” says Alan Middleton, a marketing prof at York University’s Schulich School of Business. “Like it or not, business associates and peers think your ideas are old if you look old today.”

A man’s skin becomes weaker and less dense over time, according to Lucien Aubert, director of the Biotherm Research Laboratory in Monaco. He says your skin becomes more easily weakened by external aggression such as shaving and UV rays. The key is to protect your skin from further sun damage, while encouraging collagen production. Give the following anti-aging products a full eight weeks to see results.

Biotherm Homme High Recharge Yeux anti-fatigue cold eye serum (10 ml, $39): Combat dark circles under your eyes with this cooling rollerball serum. It helps relax the eye area to give a rested, healthy look.

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men age defense hydrator SPF 15 (50 ml, $35): This three-in-one moisturizer helps repair the look of fine lines, protects against future damage and works to strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

Boss Skin Reviving eye gel (15 ml, $37): Guys find that fine lines first show up on their face around their eyes. This gentle gel formula reduces puffiness and moisturizes to lessen the look of lines. It also cools and refreshes.

Lancôme Men Renergy 3D lifting, anti-wrinkle, firming cream (50ml, $75): Formulated for men 40-plus, this anti-aging cream works to diminish fine lines and firm sagging skin. Scientists describe the process as thousands of micro-tensing actions in the skin.

Zirh Platinum drenched ultra hydrating moisturizer (50 ml, $135): A man’s skin tends to become dehydrated over time, leading to exaggerated wrinkles and fine lines. This premium skin-care line exclusive to Holt Renfrew from Zirh offers continuous moisturization while protecting from free radical damage.