WATCH: In-N-Out Burger’s Toronto pop-up restaurant shows the power of fan loyalty

Hungry customers want California chain to come to Canada permanently

In-N-Out Burger sign seen against blue sky

(Rupert Ganzer)

How long would you stand in line for a burger? California chain In-N-Out Burger had people lined up around the block hours before the opening of their pop-up store in Toronto on Thursday. We already know that pop-up shops are a powerful way of reaching out to new potential customers, building buzz and evaluating consumer interest—but the In-N-Out customers in line on Thursday were mostly existing die-hards who were just happy to get their hands on the chain’s burgers again.

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The fast-food outlet has not announced any plans for a permanent Canadian foray. But with the enthusiastic response they received—and the stampede north by many other U.S. chains—In-N-Out may want to consider setting up shop in Canada for real.

Here’s what some burger-craving customers in the line had to say about the cult of In-N-Out—and the other fast food brands they’d like to see in Canada:

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