Home exchange companies

There are dozens of home-exchange clubs. Some charge a fee; some are free. Many provide Web site listings only; others also produce catalogues. They are not responsible for the accuracy of the listings, the actions of members, or making personal arrangements. Here are a few places to start your search:

HomeLink International Canada
1707 Platt Cres.
North Vancouver, B.C.
V7J 1X9
Tel: (604) 987-3262
Fax: (604) 987-3209

HomeLink provides a color catalogue, Internet listing and useful information such as a sample home- and car-exchange agreement, and inexpensive exchange cancellation insurance.

606 Alexander Cres. N.W.
Calgary, Alta.
T2M 4T3
Tel: (403) 284-3747

Intervac provides both catalogue and Web site listings.

Landfair Home Exchange Club
54 Landfair Cres.
Scarborough, Ont.
M1J 3A7
Tel: (416) 431-4493 or 1-800-458-6557