Go for liquid gold: These liqueurs add glamour to the holidays

Crown Royal, Hennessy, among your best bets for rare drinks.

Hennessy Paradis Extra, $446.95 Like the Louis XIII, this cognac is also made from a blend of hundreds of eaux-de-vie. Spice and pepper on the first nose is followed by a fragrant floral scent. The smooth texture and the full-bodied flavour will fill your mouth. Sip slowly and enjoy the long finish.

Louis XIII de Rémy Martin, $2,099 Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II both had a fondness for cognac, and this particular edition, Grande Champagne, has a suitable pedigree. A blend of eaux-de-vie, some over 100 years old, aged in barrels that are several hundred years old, gives this cognac its distinctive character. A complex cognac combining both spicy and fruity flavours with an hour-long finish.

Crown Royal XR, $175 This one-off from Crown Royal is made with the last surviving casks from the Waterloo distillery. The rich, golden-amber colour hints at the creamy flavour of the whisky. Hints of vanilla, toffee and spice hit your tongue, followed by a smooth finish. If you're a fan of Crown Royal, make sure to stock up quickly. This edition won't be released again.


How to enjoy cognac

The sight: Observe the rich amber colour of the liquid
The smell: Enjoy the initial aroma, then swirl the glass to release the second scent
The taste: Roll the liquid over all areas of the tongue to fully experience it