From the editors: What's new about Canadian Business

The new CB is as engaging, provocative, intelligent and entertaining as the country we call home.

A few months ago, we sat down to begin imagining a new direction for Canadian Business, one that would build on all the strengths that have come to define this magazine since it was founded in 1928.

We thought it should be bold and engaging and provocative and entertaining. We thought it should be easy to read, with a sophisticated and attractive look inspired by the glamour and adventure of modern business. But more than anything, we knew it had to continue CB’s tradition of outstanding journalism, providing the analysis and perspective on the issues, trends and personalities that are shaping the future of our economy.

What you hold in your hands is the product of that effort.

These are tumultuous times in world markets. Competition is fierce. Innovation is moving at breakneck speed and is only accelerating. The days in which business people could focus on their backyard and settle into a profitable niche are long gone. Insight and fresh ideas have never been more essential to success. And Canadian Business is a magazine all about those ideas.

In the weeks ahead, you will hear from many new voices offering their perspectives on the direction of business. This week’s contributions from marketing expert Max Valiquette, veteran sports reporter Bruce Dowbiggin and the incomparable Peter C. Newman are just a few examples of what’s to come.

Our two-page spread of Winners and Losers provides a fast run-through of who’s up and who’s down in industries and markets around the world.

Briefing is the section where we will offer the analysis and critical thinking that’s so essential to succeed in our increasingly competitive global economy, distilling what’s important and what’s useful from the torrent of daily news headlines.

Of course, storytelling is the backbone of any great magazine. Every week, we will challenge the notion that business news has to be dry and tedious to be valuable. We will tell the fascinating stories of those who are putting their dreams and their fortunes at risk to drive innovation and progress. We will challenge stale ideas and provoke the debate that’s so essential to foster growth and renewal.

Each issue, The Big Picture will take an amazing piece of photography and deconstruct what’s happening in a way that only words and pictures can achieve. This week: Calgary’s new office tower, the Bow.

Finally, we bring you Performance, the section in which we present stories designed to help you bring your life and your work to a new level. These are the ideas and products and endeavours that will help you achieve success — whether success means higher sales or a better time on your morning run.

Our final word will come from The Performer — a discussion with someone who has reached the pinnacle in his or her field — whatever that field happens to be. This week, Ernie Els, one of the greatest pro golfers of the modern era, talks about the power of focus, controlling your emotions and respecting luck.

Canada is a nation of workers, deal makers, shoppers, negotiators, entrepreneurs and risk takers. It’s a nation animated by a spirit of progress and discovery. And Canadian Business is the magazine that speaks to that nation. A lot has changed in these pages. We hope you will find the new CB as engaging, provocative, intelligent and entertaining as the country we call home.