Film festival flair

Parking yourself in front of a dozen films a day at the Toronto International Film Festival? Look sharp enough to broker that distribution deal on your way down the elevator.

Marquee film festivals like Cannes, Sundance and the Toronto International Film Festival (which begins Sept. 9) aren’t just landing pads for movie stars and paparazzi. These are the trading floors of the entertainment business — roving bazaars where a savvy exec can take a film shot on a Fisher-Price camera for $5,000 and turn it into a cult classic that grosses $500 million. This year, if you plan to park yourself in front of a dozen films a day, make sure you’ll still look sharp enough to broker that distribution deal on your way down the elevator.

The Watch
Allerta, $154
The new inPulse Bluetooth watch from Allerta displays who’s calling, texting or e-mailing, so you won’t have to disturb fellow filmgoers by constantly checking that huge, bright smartphone screen. Also tells time.

Cinemek, $20
When the muse strikes, the Cinemek Storyboard Composer app for iPhone provides robust cinematic layout tools in the palm of your hand. Before you know it, you’ll have a sequel to your last tour de force storyboarded and ready to show prospective investors.

The Writing Tool
Pilot’s Pen, $21
The Pilot’s Pen is a style-conscious writing instrument with an LED light at the tip. Designed for pilots who need to take notes in darkened cockpits, it’s perfect for jotting down thoughts in a darkened theatre.

The Cardigan
Vivienne Westwood, $283
Film festivals are a quick-change environment. This diamond-patterned V-Neck cardigan is comfortable enough for a movie marathon and slick enough to indicate you might be a player.

The Blazer
Orvis, $264
With the wrinkle-free Hopsack Travel Blazer by Orvis, you can weather hours cramped into movie theatre seats and still be sleek and pressed for those impromptu meetings. It also features the patented Orvis File System, a network of internal pockets for snacks.

The Shoe
Cole Haan, $200
The Air Colton Split Oxford from Cole Haan has Nike Air sole technology so you won’t have to compromise your look while you’re pounding the concrete between screenings, meetings and after-parties.

The Scarf
Forzieri, $149
This dashing pure wool scarf with blue stripes from Forzieri will help you cope with rapid climate changes as you negotiate jam-packed parties and the frigid air conditioning of the cineplex.

The Bag
Timbuk2, $100
Handmade in San Francisco, Timbuk2’s limited-edition PRODUCT (RED) racing-stripe messenger bag is comfortable, flexible and stylish. In addition, 5% of the purchase price goes to the Global Fund.

The Pants
Philip Sparks, $325
Made in Canada, these tweed flat-front trousers with piped pockets by Toronto-based menswear designer Philip Sparks combine classic tailoring and a contemporary cut.