Executive summary: Mom Inc.

Raising a family and a business can be tough. A book for Mompreneurs.

Mom Inc.: How to Raise Your Family and Your Business Without Losing Your Mind or Your Shirt
Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell with Rebecca Reuber, PhD

“Mompreneur” is one of those neologisms that make the teeth grind, but forgive its use and you’ll find plenty to consider here. Ballon and Botterell are MBAs who served time on Bay Street before founding a baby-fleece products company, Admiral Road Designs, a decade ago. With five kids between them—and the assistance of Rotman School entrepreneurship expert Reuber—they promise a “candid and brutally honest look” at mompreneurship: “the good, the bad, and the sticky.”

Their version was born of the feeling that whether at the office or at home with the family, they were neglecting their other responsibilities. Flexibility is one of the principal attractions for parent entrepreneurs, but the authors sound a note of caution in the early chapters. Even if you plan and start your business—be it designing baby shoes or selling erotic videos—on your first maternity leave, you’re likely not prepared for how much more work a second baby is going to be. “Like a bomb dropped into your business” is how they put it. There are plenty of useful guidelines about execution, too, but the reality check shouldn’t be skimmed over. Starting a business, starting a family: each is incredibly demanding. Doing both at the same time doesn’t make either easier.