Editor's note: New era for Canadian Business magazine

Rest assured, recent changes at Canadian Business will continue the magazine's tradition of greatness.

As you may have already heard, we recently underwent a management change here at Canadian Business. I’m very proud to be taking over the editor’s chair of this fine magazine from Joe Chidley, who has moved up to a new position within the company. Thanks largely to his stewardship, Joe leaves behind a team of journalists who are more committed than ever to the mission that this magazine has upheld for 81 years — providing the news, analysis and commentary that is so essential to understand our rapidly changing global economy.

This is a critical juncture in the history of our country, and there has never been a more important time to cover the many ways that business impacts upon our lives. As Canadians, we enjoy a standard of living and natural advantages that many others can only dream of. But those advantages are blessings, not birthrights. They must be nurtured, developed and capitalized upon if future generations are going to know the kind of lifestyle that we enjoy. It’s that spirit of progress, growth and discovery that CB stands for.

In the months ahead, you’ll see a lot of change in the magazine. I’m excited about the new directions and ideas that we’ll be exploring. But you can be assured that some things will not change.

We’ll continue to provide top-notch reporting from the places where companies and entrepreneurs are reshaping the world, such as this issue’s cover story: an exclusive report by Jeff Sanford on Addax Petroleum, the Canadian company that ventured into war-torn Iraq and came away with a staggering $8-billion windfall.

You can expect more fascinating profiles like Joe Castaldo’s portrait of Anthony Lacavera, the bold young dealmaker behind Globalive Communications, who plans to shake up the wireless phone industry.

You’ll get plenty of expert analysis, like Matthew McClearn’s in-depth examination of our government’s massive gamble on carbon capture technology. And, of course, you’ll get insightful opinions, like Thomas Watson’s perspective on the Earl Jones scandal, and John Gray’s take on the legacy of Garth Drabinsky’s Livent.

In short, you’ll continue to get all the things you’ve come to expect from us at CB, and much, much more. There are great days ahead for Canada, and for Canadian Business. I hope you’ll take us with you on the journey.