Diva at the Met’s Hamid Salimian

Makes us a fancy egg salad.


Photos by Evaan Kheraj


  • The extras: sturgeon caviar, chervil stems, dill and sous vide egg yolks in an oyster-studded mayonnaise
  • Salimian fried Ciabatta croutons in olive oil with thyme
  • The lobster spent two days in a bath of herb-infused olive oil

As executive chef of Vancouver’s progressive Diva at the Metropolitan Hotel restaurant, Hamid Salimian uses the best ingredients from the West Coast in decidedly modern, whimsical and always delicious ways. For our Lunchbox Challenge, Salimian turned his attention to the simple egg salad sandwich. “It’s such a great sandwich,” he tells us, “and one that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. You can make it so many different ways with different ingredients inside of it.” In fact, the Iranian-born chef turned his version inside out, tossing eggs both hard-boiled and sous vide with lobster and ciabatta croutons. He even threw in a little caviar. “I’m a sucker for eggs,” he says. “What can I tell you?”

Diva at the Met, 645 Howe St., Vancouver | (604) 602-7788

Check out the video.

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