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With winter approaching, every Canadian’s fancy turns to thoughts of… hibernation. Snuggling beneath a warm, puffy duvet is one of the best ways to escape subzero temperatures. But with prices topping $1,000 at the high end (see below), is a silk-covered designer duvet really worth the splurge?

No way, says Sarah Richardson, an interior designer and host of Room Service on HGTV Canada. “I think all bedding elements should be reasonably priced and replaced often,” she says. Dust and dirt can build up in bedding, so buying a new duvet every few years can help you get a healthier night’s sleep, especially if you have allergies. (Great news for feather-phobes: synthetic-filled duvets can be just as warm as down, and cost much less.) “Buying a more economical product may also allow you the flexibility to have two duvets, a lightweight one for summer and a thick, cozy one to dive under in winter,” Richardson adds. “Ikea and many other retailers make great ones that are very inexpensive.”

Here’s what you’ll pay for a king-size duvet, at three price points

  • Abboud Signature Silk white goose down duvet (Bed Bath & Beyond), $1,750
  • Pacific Coast Extra Warmth down duvet (Linens ‘n Things), $470
  • Mysa Mycket synthetic-filled duvet (Ikea), $135

From the November 2003 issue.

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