The Easy Sell: A miniature staff retreat with bocce in the park

No need for a conference room, a caterer or a whiteboard

Colourful hand-painted bocce ball set on green grass with a bucket of beer nearby

(Photo: Liam Mogen; Shoes by Harry Rosen)

Does the company that plays together stay together? We don’t know. But research has shown that even top performers only work effectively for about five hours a day. And that’s to say nothing of a spectacularly sunny summer day.

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So here’s a thought: If you happen to find your office unnervingly quiet this month, grab your team, a 12-pack of refreshments and a game you can play together on the grass. There’s no need for catered retreats, expense reports or scheduling conflicts—simply a round of bocce and a beer out by the parking lot. We have no idea if it will make anyone more productive. Just happy. Hand-painted bocce set ($320),

How to play bocce, in under a minute