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Vacation like a celebrity
Want to hang with Bill Gates or J. Lo? Two tropical paradises make it possible ? without breaking the bank.

The road ahead
Terrorists and viruses be damned ? travel is making a comeback. Where will you be headed in the next five years?.

Your foreign affair
Want to leave the humdrum behind and work abroad for a year or two? Let us show you how.

The ultimate road trip
Our family’s 40,000-km trek around North America was the best thing we’ve ever done. Here’s how we did it ? and how you can too.

Paradise, slightly used
Believe it or not, some timeshare resorts can be a great travel deal. But you have to know the secret.

20 great travel deals
Two very different globe-trotters reveal the best trips and top destinations for budgets of all sizes.

Single minded
Hate to travel alone? Solo-friendly travel groups let you see the world and socialize as much as you want.

The next Florida
Looking for a great escape? Consider Portugal. It’s historic, warm ? and amazingly affordable.

Something for (almost) nothing
Canadians are addicted to Air Miles, frequent flyer programs and other reward plans. But do you know which program is right for you?

Holidays with heart
Whether you want to tutor kids in Thailand or research coral reefs in the Philippines, a volunteer vacation expands your horizons — and your soul.

Off course
Travel books have never been so popular ? or so untrustworthy. Here’s how to find a guide you can trust

Heavenly hostels
Where can travelers find accommodation with sumptuous food, classic architecture and low, low prices? Try the nearest convent.

What I learned on my summer vacation
The hottest trend in holidays is education. Whether you want to pick up a foreign language or apprentice to a master chef, we’ve got a getaway for you.

The best little shops in Canada
There’s nothing wrong with Wal-Mart or the Gap. But for one-of-a-kind fashions, gifts and furniture, nothing beats local secrets.

Trading places
Want to see the world without paying a fortune in hotel fees? Then consider house swapping ? the perfect way for bargain travelers to enjoy all the comforts of home for free.

Keep the change
Confused about tipping? The Internet can help you figure it out

Travel things worth the money
Don’t go out the door before you’ve considered these great travel aids.

Seven ways to heaven
We asked travel experts to name their favorite vacations. Some chose exotic adventures. Others found paradise right on their doorsteps.

Fast, cold and cheap
Travel dollars go further on the ski slopes

Just rewards
Have I heard about the latest loyalty program? Heck, I’m a card-carrying member.

It’s a bazaar world
Haggling in Moroccan markets taught us an important lesson: everything is negotiable.

Foreign exchange rates has ’em: Exchange rates for 26 countries, updated daily.